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I left my old friend in March.

This one was.

Being a fan of both the Wunderlist and the Wunderkit during his short life, I hesitated that I retransmitted all my tasks back to the new system-after all,

Lucky for me, it was worth it. I quickly fell in love with Trello, and I saw the seductress, who is organizing the productivity in the new light …

Tom was already bragging about the Wunderlist in one of his own.

The whiteboard is the highest level of Trello’s organization. These tips can contain lists, and these lists can contain maps that can contain the entire project yourself, if necessary ..

For me, I found that the boards have the most sense when I use them to separate the biggest aspects of my life. I realized this when I first contacted the Essaypro. The writer who worked with me advised using the whiteboard in my studies, which just changed my life.

Here are my tips, along with some of the lists I have angered at each of them:

  • Language-Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin.
  • Media-Portable games, Console Games, PC Games, Books, Films.
  • Personal-Social, Professional, Medical, Other.
  • Scholarship School, chin 101, engle 302, hero 101, MIS 331, MIS 435.
  • Requisition list, list of preferences.
  • Web,
  • Work-Do, Do, do.
  • I find that this list covers everything I do. In addition to any of these ideas for your advice, I would recommend using if you are a student. It's just a great opportunity to pump up your writing skills, thanks to experienced writers.

    The lists are the second level in Trello. At this level, layers are quite well consistent with what Wunderlist is offering-so if you want to pretend that each of them contains a small Wunderlist account inside, go ahead ..

    By default, each board comes with 3 lists:

    The idea is that every card you do is a project that you can drag as it moves, which works well for certain things-so I run my Work board, for example. But you can just archive these lists or rename them if you want to do something different …

    Personally, I think the implementation of the Trello lists is more attractive than “Wunderlist.” I can immediately see the contents of several lists and present each list in a box to give them more weight. I just make more sense when I look at him …

    This is a lot of fun.

    Trello’s cards are functional enough to keep one.

    The images you attach will automatically be used as a thumbnail for the map, helping to distinguish it when you look through your board, and the checklists will show the progress bar to show how much you’ve done-these things add.

    I found the checklists.

    The comments and files were mostly for all-the map to create the mascot of my site was filled to the brim with design ideas and sketches. Every little thought that pops into your head can be thrown into the map of Trello so you can see everything in one place.In addition, each card can be organized using labels assigned to different users or due to the date of execution ..

    Once you’re done with the card, just archive it. It will be available later if you ever need to see it again, so there’s no need to worry about losing information about the project when you’re done …

    On this page, which you receive by clicking on “Maps” in the sidebar on the tips page, you will see each map assigned to you ..

    Yes, you need to sign in to show here-but with a little effort, this page can be your page to find out what you should be working on ..

    What good is alternative display if it just shows everything? Of course, it would be helpful if every card you ever added to Trello was important enough to remind every day-but it sounds like a terribly stressful way to live your life …

    What about when you want to add “Giant Shalop Dolphin” to your shopping list is really important that you need to see it right next to “.

    Thus, with a small number of organizational efforts, we can make the cards the best to see what is going on in your life, look at …

  • Use the label Trello for me-the purple-high priority, the red is medium priority, orange is the medium that I am in the middle of finishing, and blue is any music I’m working on. This keeps everything I want in my mind, but separates the more important tasks from the projects I do on the side …
  • Designate each card with the date of execution or the important color of the label so that it is displayed in the list of cards ..
  • Assign any other cards that you want to remind yourself, and …
  • In accordance with these steps, you should get a map view similar to the following:.

    Now, with one click, you can easily read the overview of all current projects and tasks by assuring their respective labels, the due dates, and the progress of the checklists. You can even select to split them up by whiteboard or date, depending on your needs-

    For those of you who do not want to use an alternative type application.

    Well, how many organizations do you need? For some people Wunderlist will do everything well-and that’s fine. But I believe that for many people (especially those of you who are already with a large number of lists in your Wunderlist already), an additional layer of organization could be welcomed with open weapons ..

    Personally, I can’t go back to having 26 lists and are expected to scroll every day, and I certainly don’t want to lose my cards, but it’s just me …

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