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Remember the last time you had a really good dream?If you’re in college, maybe it was a while. College students aren’t exactly known for their amazing sleep habits. Humans brag about caffeine, fueling all night and needing two hours of sleep at night …

But despite what you might think,The dream rebuilds the muscles, regulates the metabolicists and helps to stay in the spotlight. It is also an integral part of the learning process. Since training is a full-time job as a college student.

Most of us suck, even though it’s what we did every night in our lives. Even if we get it.Drinking a drink doesn’t just hurt your sleep if you drink it right before bed.

”… a temperate dose of caffeine at the time of sleep, 3 hours before sleep, or 6 hours before the start of sleep, everyone has a significant impact on sleep disorders relative to placebo.”

In other words, you should probably stick to your coffee and tea in.

If you want to drink something hot in the evening, I would suggest you look.

However, the exercise also increases the temperature of your body and puts a small strain on the central nervous system ..

Both of these factors may make it difficult to fill. Avoid this problem.

Our eyes contain an amazing mechanism called the photosensitive gangliyons of retinal retinal retina (say, five times faster!) ..

These cells have been tracking the number of blue light in our environment, increasing production.

In our current world, however, we have an infinite number of phones, computers, and other screens that constantly radiate blue light. This is valid.

Fortunately, there are several ways to combat this problem:

The sleep cycle is taking place at different stages. During the night, we are awake at some of these stages than others. At the beginning of the sleep cycle, many people will even wake up completely before moving to a deeper phase of the cycle ..

Your alarm clock is looking at you with the amount of time that’s left until you have to wake up at school, work or save the world.

If you use your phone as an alarm, make sure it is not within the reach of your bed. So you will not succumb to the temptation to come and check the time or, worse still, distract from some notification. Or, even better, put your phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode, so notifications can’t disturb you while you’re asleep ..

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