How to make the studing fun

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Let’ s get one thing straight: study is.

You know what it feels like: every time you have to read a book or review a test, you start thinking about a million things that you prefer to do, like skydiving, or watch paint dry. You know, funny things …Of course, learning is just something you have to do-which leads to an obvious question:

But first, the liability waiver:

At the end of the day, work through hard, hard stuff is.

” In the long run, the secret of the study lies in our ability to tempt our thought, our task, our lesson in the stream.

The best teachers in the world understand that. That’s why Bill Nye spent so much time.For example, it has always been hard for me to remember the type of ship that Portuguese explorers used to sail west coast of Africa in 1500.

During a study by Carol Duck for her book.

Students with fixed mice believed in this.

In contrast, students with increased mentality.

In its book, Dweck demonstrated how students ‘ thinking plays a huge role in how they are interested in learning, especially when the situation has become more complex. It did so by following the pre-med students who were on the course of weeds, on average tested with C +; this course was designed for “humidifying” people who were not well suited for medicine at the beginning …

” Most of the students are interested in chemistry. But something happened during the semester. Students with fixed thinking remained interested only when they did well. Those who find it difficult have shown a great fall in interest and pleasure. If this is not a witness statement, they could not enjoy it. “She then compared the students with those who had a growth attitude:

” In contrast, the students with an attitude of growth continued to demonstrate the same high level of interest, even when they found the work to be very difficult. The challenge and interest went hand in hand. “.

This means that if you want to succeed and enjoy your research, you will need to grow as you think of your classes ..

If you can apply this growth to your life, you will find that you are studying and solving your homework.

Training with a partner is excellent to bring to justice and to make it so that it does not drag-and-drop …

At the same time, there are two main points to follow:.

For example, during my first year, I tried to study with people at dormitories … But all we’ve done is discovery.

If you have a super-smart friend, they’re gonna end the jobs a lot faster than you do. While it’s cute in the short term, eventually you won’t know anything because they’ve already done everything for you …

The key with the research partners is to be selective and find someone who stays in the mission. After you’ve found your boyfriend (or girls), you have to make sure that when you work together, you’re both clear on the problem before you move on …

Having an environment that promotes concentration and concentration is important to enjoy your work …

For example, I have neatly curved.

One more thing you can try to go to your favorite coffee shop or your own.

Also, personally, I also discovered what to have.

For example, almost every morning I make a pot of my favorite cinnamon cinnamon tea and swallow it while I write. I don’t know why, but the ritual with the tea in the pot and pour in a teacup is nice, and I’m looking forward to writing on the association …

Your motivation to perform the task depends in part on

While the reward can be a large, one-time return-how to obtain a good grade, being able to graduate from college, and not living in a van under the river-reward can also mean less, but equally rewarding,

(Though I’m not sure how effective it is-I mean, I would just eat all the gamma of bears and close my book, don’t I?).

According to the author Piers Steele in his book.

There are a lot of things at school that you can’t control, like boring professors, dry books, and meaningless tasks … But if you attack a school job with a real curiosity and you’re trying to work on everything that you are.If you want more material to learn more fun, be sure to check it out.

What other tips and tricks do you do to learn more fun for yourself?.

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